The Town of Natick is projecting an $8.3 million loss in revenue in FY2021.
This will have drastic implications for school and municipal budgets.

Town leaders are working to close the projected budget deficit by leveraging savings and proposing budget cuts. 

  • Savings: On May 4th, the Select Board voted to release $2.5 million in savings (from stabilization funds) for the Fiscal 2021 budget to counter some of the losses. 

  • Budget Cuts: The remaining gap will be filled by cuts to municipal and school budgets to meet the change in revenue. 

Proposed Budget Cuts


The Town Administrator's new COVID-budget proposal recommends a $420,000 cut to the FY21 Pre-COVID budget for municipal services. Details on how this decrease would impact municipal services is not yet fully available, however  the Town Administrator shared that non-union municipal employees would not receive merit pay increases in FY21 and that there would be no net new hires (Source: May 11 Presentation to Select Board).


The Town Administrator's new COVID-budget proposal recommends $4.4 million in cuts to the pre-COVID budget proposed in January (for a total of $6 million in cuts from the pre-COVID budget initially proposed by the School Committee). The School Committee has not yet prioritized potential cuts, but has identified the following options (Source: May 19 School Committee Materials):