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FY22 Budget


NPS initial proposed budget for FY22 totals $77,418,227. This is a significant increase over FY21 during a difficult economic time, so it is reasonable to expect difficult decisions and debate to ensue yet again.

Dates of Interest

  • Jan 13, 2021: TA to present budget to Select Board

  • FinCom meetings Tuesdays and Thursdays through March to review budget 

  • Key NPS Meetings and Fin Com Subcommittee Meetings

    • January 11: Teaching and Learning Budget at School Committee

    • January 14: 5pm ed sub committee Overview/Teaching and Learning 

    • January 14: Fin Com Overview with larger committee, 7pm

    • January 25: Technology and Transportation Budgets at School Committee

    • January 26: 5pm: Proposed ed sub committee Technology and Transportation

    • February 8: Special Education/Circuit Breaker to School Committee

    • February 9: Proposed ed sub committee meeting on Special Education and Circuit Breaker

    • February 22: Capital updates/Budget Overview Discussions at School Committee

    • February 23: Education Sub committee Capital and Space Planning/Updates 

    • February 25: Proposed ed sub committee meeting -- open for any additional needs

  • February 25: Town and School Townwide Community Budget Forum

  • March 8: Budget Overview and Final Vote (tentative based on town meeting schedule)


Jan 13, 2021

Town Administrator's FY22 Budget Overview Presented to Select Board

TBD, but here is a link to the proposed budget if you want to check it out:

Dec 24, 2020

Preliminary NPS Budget Presented to School Committee

NPS presented an initial budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2022 of $77,418,227. The % increase over FY21 varies based on whether you base strictly off Town Meeting appropriation or whether you base of the actual operating budget that includes the pre-pay and other funding sources used by NPS.

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